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Bringing your Station to the World

Streaming your station online is essential in this modern age to reach your full potential audience. Even if you're opting to make FM your core focus, internet streaming can be useful in many ways.

Of course you can send out your signal simultaneously on the internet and FM, but you can also use internet relays to broadcast from locations other than your studio or broadcast site. Other stations can stream your internet broadcast to syndicate content. Last but not least, your internet feed can help you monitor your broadcast from afar, allowing you to check for audio quality issues and dead air.

So how do you start streaming online?

You need a Streaming Server!
How do I get Streaming Server?
Well you have quite a few options depending on a few factors:

  1. Your technical proficiency
  2. Your budget
  3. How many concurrent listeners you need to support

Two big Streaming Servers and their pros/cons

  • Icecast
    • Up to 3 feeds per server
    • Open Source
    • Less popular public stations directory
    • Support for Ogg broadcast format
    • Auto DJ and live feed run simultaneously
    • More advanced setup allowing for greater customization
  • Shoutcast
    • Only 1 feed per server
    • Owned by AOL
    • Popular public stations directory
    • Must manually deactivate/reactivate Auto DJ
    • Easier to setup for beginners

Here is a forum on their differences:
Just go with whichever server fits your stations needs most.

Getting a Server Online and Configured

The cheapest option is to setup a server yourself
If you have never setup a server and are daunted by the idea, don't fret.
You can get a pre-setup streaming server through many companies online, leaving you with minimal additional configuration.
One such company many use is
Here are setup instructions for servers

If you want to learn more about setting up a server yourself, check out this page on setting up your own streaming server.
It's a simple process if you're familiar with the linux terminal and it once it's setup it requires very little maintenance.

Either way you go, you will pay more to support more listeners. Setting up a server yourself saves you on servers for any number of listeners, but especially if you want to support thousands of concurrent listeners.

When you are setting up your server, note these parameters, as you'll need them to connect to it later

  • Server Address (ip or domain)
  • Port
  • Mountpoint (only for icecast)
  • Client Username
  • Client Password

You will also want to decide what codec and bitrate to use.

Streaming Clients

Now that you have a streaming server online and configured, it's time to send some audio to it.
To do this you'll need to setup a streaming client on the computer you want to broadcast from.
One cross platform client I really like is called butt, for Broadcast Using This Tool.
It can be downloaded here:
It features a simple, clean and effective interface, can easily record your broadcasts, can stream to icecast and or shoutcast servers and is open source.
Here are more options for Icecast Clients, many also work for shoutcast.

You are almost ready to go live online!

Now you need to get your streaming client setup to broadcast to your server. Here is a guide on Configuring your Streaming Client.
Once you have configured your client, click connect to start broadcasting(a play button on many clients).
If everything is working correctly you should now be streaming to your server on the internet.

You can tune in to the stream in a web browser at its Stream URL.
The URL to stream it (icecast servers) will be your Server's Address, followed by a colon(:) and the port number and finally a forward slash(/) and the mountpoint.\ For example the stream URL for Way High Radio is
Our address is, the port is 8024 and the mountpoint is stream.

Getting the Word Out

Now that you have a internet streaming station up, it's time to get the word out and build a listening audience.
Recruit DJs to add cool shows and diversity to your station
Create a presence on the web and social media for your station.
Interested in getting your shows on our network?
Shoot us an email at to let us know where we can tune in. Maybe we can trade shows!

More Info

Here are some links for all kinds of things, to help you on your journey into the world of broadcasting.

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